5 Free Methods to Organically Increase Website Traffic

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Increase Website Traffic

Having your website flooded with visitors is every website owners’ dream. However, increasing website traffic is not as easy as falling off a log. A proper strategy and planning are required to organically increase your website traffic.

If you’re just started your website, there are several ways to increase website traffic without having to spend a lot of funds. But, before we dwell on the topic, let’s start with a brief introduction first.

What is website traffic?

As you might’ve known, traffic is the number of users who visit a website. This includes the statistics on what pages they saw and their website visit duration.

When someone visits your website, their activity and all the links they click on are recorded by your domain. These numbers can give you an idea of your website’s popularity among internet users.

Why is website traffic important?

If your website has no traffic, your website’s existence will sink into other more popular websites on the internet. Every website needs traffic to survive.

To thrive in the harsh competition of internet websites, you need to have a steady traffic flow. Besides, users who enjoy your website will spend more time on it. Furthermore, they will share your website among their social circle. For e-commerce website owners, this is one of their ways to attract new customers.

How to increase website traffic organically.

So, if traffic is that important, how can you increase it for your website? Don’t freak out. Your website doesn’t have to suffer from the lack of traffic. Here are some tips and tricks to organically increase your website traffic.

1. Maximize your website’s SEO.

SEO dictates how well your website appears on the search engine. A simple way to optimize your website’s SEO is to research several keywords. One of the most common beginner’s mistakes is writing articles based on their own personal ideas. Instead, you have to research the current topic that will be searched by users. That way, you can determine which keywords will rank well on the search engine.

Furthermore, don’t choose a keyword that’s too general as it may sink below the sea of competition. Instead, utilize the specific longtail keyword to ensure that your content will stand out on the search result. Maximizing your website SEO can also be done by incorporating SEO article structures, such as title tags, meta descriptions, header tags, and Alt texts.

2. Write interesting content.

To Increase website traffic fast, you have to pay attention to your content. An exciting content article will ensure that your website’s visitors will spend a lot of time on your website. So, make sure to research some exciting topic before writing an article. It’s worth noting that visitors will skim your content to find specific information. So, it is also essential to keep your content article simple and informative.

To make your content stand out, you can incorporate some click-inviting titles. A good title should convey the topic of discussion while also being easy to read at a glance. To make your content more interesting, be sure to add interesting visuals, such as images or graphs. Optionally, you can also add accompanying videos to your article. That way, your visitors will spend a lot of time on your content page.

3. Make your website mobile-friendly.

A 2018 research by Wearesocial.com showed that around 52% of all web traffic comes from mobile devices. This should be enough to convince you to make your website mobile-friendly. A mobile-friendly web page should be responsive and capable of automatically adjusting the display based on the device’s screen size. Using this method, mobile device visitors could enjoy your website better.
Hiring a professional website designer could help you achieve this method. However, if you’re short on budget or lack the necessary skill, you can always use some free mobile-optimized website themes and templates.

4. Utilize different social media platforms.

Social media platforms are one of many free tools to increase website traffic. However, you have to be able to utilize this platform effectively. The first thing that you can do is to make sure your content is easy to share. To do this, you can add and embed social sharing tools in your website posts. However, it doesn’t stop there. You also need to advertise and share your content on the right social media platform.

Make sure to add visual elements to make your content more appealing to social media users. On top of that, you can also incorporate some hashtags to make your content easier to find when users are searching for a specific keyword. Social media selection will also influence the target audience of your content. For example, adults mostly used Facebook, while teenagers and young adults tend to use Instagram or TikTok.

5. Utilize internal links

Contrary to popular beliefs, internal links are as important as backlinks to increase website traffic fast. Google uses both link types to rate pages. So, if there are a lot of internal links on a page, Google will consider the page important, making it ranked high on the search result. Another benefit of internal linking is that it keeps visitors on your website.

By providing internal links to relevant pages, the visitor will stay on your site instead of seeking information from your competitor’s site. So, make sure to add internal links when you write content on your site.


So, those are several tips that you can try to organically increase website traffic for free. To sum up, traffic is important as it determines the life of a website. To organically increase your website traffic, you can try to optimize your website’s SEO. Other than that, you have to create interesting content on your site. Also, make sure to make your site easy to access via mobile devices.

Lastly, you can utilize social media platforms and internal links to increase website traffic on your site. Several paid methods, such as ad campaigns or affiliate programs, are indeed effective to increase your website traffic. However, those methods are not recommended if you just started your website and haven’t made any profits. So, unless you have the fund to do so, just stick to the free method.

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